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After a long wait I have finally updated the look and feel of my site. Hope it pleases you as much as it does me. In the coming days new content will be added. Stay tunned. 

New Year! New Show

Please join us next Friday, January 13th, from 6:00 to 8:00pm, for the reception of “Contrast” at the Old Market Tea Smith. Artist Comments @ 7:00pm.


I am pleased and honored to be the first Artist showing work at the new Tea Smith in the Old Market.


In order to assemble this series, I faced a specific problem: most pinhole cameras have only one shot. You expose film or paper and have to go back and develop it in the lab before loading the next shot. When there is more than one opportunity for a great photograph, the only option is to carry more than one camera. I came up with a solution. I designed and built a pinhole camera that uses regular 35mm film, but in a larger format. Three rolls are combined, equally spaced, giving a triptych like image. The resulting triptych blends together by persistance of vision. No longer limited to the short distances from the photo lab; I can take this camera hiking and get four to six exposures per set of film. Exposures only limited by the number of canisters on hand and the available light.

This new camera enhances the subject matter. For the last few years I captured images of nature reclaiming the fruits of man, photographing anything from abandoned buildings on the verge of collapse to old tires dumped in a field. Fascinated by the rusting, disintegrating, forgotten objects reclaimed by nature. I believe that capturing these scenes this way helps one understand that, over time, all man-made things will disappear, nature reclaims all.

The final prints are black and white mounted on a black background. The scenes are isolated and jump out at the observer. Images are on a warm bamboo paper. The pinhole focus gives the look of a fading dream; emphasizing that everything will eventually be swallowed up and pass into oblivion.

My work has been shown nationally at Edinboro University in Edinboro, Pensylvainya and the New England Institute of Art in Brookline, Massachusetts. Locally my work has been showcased at Gallery 720 in Lincoln and the Hot Shops in down town Omaha.



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